Barre, Pilates, Cardio, Strength and Flow in a high-energy, rhythm-based workout experience. Challenge every part of your body while having fun!

Sculpt, Sweat and Stretch with us!

Through our Trilogy fitness method you can increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Our rhythm-based workouts are fueled with energy and keep your body in a constant state of movement. Whether it’s slow and controlled or fast tempo we move to the beat!

Boost your energy levels and achieve your body goals in the most effective and safest way possible.

The Workouts

Body Boost’s full-spectrum approach offers 5 different full-body workouts all aimed to shape and tone your body in the most accurate and effective way.


The perfect blend of Pilates, strength training and ballet will give you a longer, leaner physique while building strength and endurance.

Barre at Body Boost keeps your body moving in a high energy, rhythmic workout. Grab your grippy socks and feel the burn!


Get down on the mat for this Pilates-based class which will enhance your balance and core strength. Create a healthy foundation for your spine and improve your posture and balance.

Target your powerhouse and gain access to your deep-layer muscles to maximize your definition.


Create a deep mind-body connection with our creative, intuitive Vinyasa Yoga flows.

With a strong focus on body alignment, our unique yoga conditioning sequences are a perfect blend of fiery power yoga and classic peaceful flows.

Tune into intentional music, cultivate mindfulness and take your Yoga practice to the next level for ultimate balance.


Enjoy a challenging and unique cardio workout. This interval workout involves intense cardio bursts and deep sculpting blocks.

Rebounding is a unique 3-dimensional workout that demands a great deal of muscle energy!

Burn more fat faster while minimizing join impact.

With an emphasis on core, endurance, cardio, balance and strength, this high-intensity, low-impact workout is suitable for everyone.


Bring the gym into the studio for a power class that will push you through high-intensity intervals and strength building moves using moderate to heavy weights, resistance bands and gliders. Put your sneakers on and get ready to sweat!

First Timers

What to expect
Variety of classes
Upbeat playlist
Challenging and safe workout
Qualified instructors
Personal attention
Body positive approach


New Client Specials
Class Packs

- $325 ($32.50 / Class)

- $465 ($31 / Class)

- $580 ($29 / Class)

For private events please inquire