The Workouts

Body Boost’s full-spectrum approach offers 5 different full-body workouts all aimed to shape and tone your body in the most accurate and effective way.


Redefine the traditional Barre where classic movements meet a cardio boosted twist. Lengthen, tone, pulse, burn, and yes - sweat. Our signature class, set to a DJ-customized playlist, will energize and push you to the max.

** Light room, barefoot


Contemporary mat Pilates and strength training focusing on core strength and full-body toning. Fuse classical movements with tools and some heavy loads for an intensified, transformative toning experience.

**Light room, barefoot


Create a deep mind-body connection with creative, intuitive Vinyasa Yoga flows. Unique sequences blend fiery power yoga with classic peaceful flows.

**Light room, barefoot


A fun challenging mini-trampoline workout. This interval workout involves intense cardio bursts and deep sculpting blocks. Burn fat faster, minimize joint impact, and enhance core, endurance, balance, and strength.

**Dark room, with sneakers


Gym-inspired High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT). Combined with strength-building moves using heavy weights and resistance bands. Push yourself into the metabolic burn zone through explosive plyometric moves and dedicated strength-building sets.

**Dark room, sneakers