The Workouts

Body Boost’s full-spectrum approach offers 5 different full-body workouts all aimed to shape and tone your body in the most accurate and effective way.


The perfect blend of Pilates, strength training and ballet will give you a longer, leaner physique while building strength and endurance.

Barre at Body Boost keeps your body moving in a high energy, rhythmic workout. Grab your grippy socks and feel the burn!


Get down on the mat for this Pilates-based class which will enhance your balance and core strength. Create a healthy foundation for your spine and improve your posture and balance.

Target your powerhouse and gain access to your deep-layer muscles to maximize your definition.


Create a deep mind-body connection with our creative, intuitive Vinyasa Yoga flows.

With a strong focus on body alignment, our unique yoga conditioning sequences are a perfect blend of fiery power yoga and classic peaceful flows.

Tune into intentional music, cultivate mindfulness and take your Yoga practice to the next level for ultimate balance.


Enjoy a challenging and unique cardio workout. This interval workout involves intense cardio bursts and deep sculpting blocks.

Rebounding is a unique 3-dimensional workout that demands a great deal of muscle energy!

Burn more fat faster while minimizing join impact.

With an emphasis on core, endurance, cardio, balance and strength, this high-intensity, low-impact workout is suitable for everyone.


Bring the gym into the studio for a power class that will push you through high-intensity intervals and strength building moves using moderate to heavy weights, resistance bands and gliders. Put your sneakers on and get ready to sweat!